Burn permits are required for all open-air fires within the Township of Montague, except for the subdivisions of Atironto and Woods, where outdoor burning is not permitted.  Starting March 1, 2018, a new permit will come into effect.  There is no cost for this permit and it is not necessary to renew it each year provided it has been retained and the holder is able to produce it upon request.  Also, a separate permit is now required for those who plan to have a windrow burn.  The permits are available at the Township Office or on our website.  Permits accessed online must be filled out and emailed to the Fire Chief,  who will then issue a permit number in a reply email within two weeks.

When you plan to burn,  it is still necessary to contact the Township Office by phone (613-283-7478) during regular business hours.  The email notification option is no longer available.

For a 2018 Burn Permit click here.

For a 2018 Windrow Burn Permit click here.