Water & Sewer Services

Water and sewer services, in most of the Township, are provided by private wells and septic systems. 

However, for those living in the Atironto subdivision on the border of Smiths Falls, water and sewer services are provided by the Town of Smiths Falls and those residents are billed by Montague Township for the services.  Bills are sent out every two months.  If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the office at (613) 283-7478.

The Ontario Water Resources Act Drinking Water Protection Regulation has set guidelines for municipalities who are classed as owners of a water distribution system with respect to reporting to the MOEE and the residents on the state of drinking water. The Drinking Water Protection Regulation requires that this report be published for public information.

Therefore, the Reeve, Council and staff of the Township of Montague are pleased to present to the citizens of Montague and the Regional Director of the Ministry of Environment, quarterly reports on the state of the water distribution system in the Township.

The Township of Montague entered into an agreement with the Town of Smiths Falls in 1986 whereby the Town would supply drinking water to those residents within a certain area of the Township of Montague. The Township of Montague constructed the watermains for residents located within the venues of Schedule B and C to By-law 1559-86. The By-law authorizing the agreement is available for anyone wishing to have a copy.

The Township of Montague produces a detailed Drinking Water Quarterly Report, which provides the technical data required for the Drinking Water Regulation reporting requirements. These reports are available at the Montague Township Municipal Office.

Weekly testing is done for those residents who are on the Montague Township distribution system. Under Regulation 170, sampling and analyses requirements are being complied with as follows - an accredited laboratory may only be used to provide analyses on the following samples collected by the Township of Montague staff from the distribution system. The Township of Montague has contracted the services of Caduceon Environmental Laboratories in Kingston to perform the testing of Heterotrophic Plate Count, Total Coliform and E. coli . The results are included in these reports.

Water Reports

2017 Annual Summary Water Report

To view the quarterly or annual water reports, click here.

Quality Management System Policy