Recycling Information

Recyclable Materials

Bubble lettering says Paper Products Beside the Box


Red Check Mark Cereal, detergent, shoe boxes, etc.

Red Check Mark Paper egg cartons, paper tubes, etc.

Caution Sign  Remove liners and plastic bags.  Flatten and place in a cardboard box or a paper or plastic bag on or beside your blue box.  Keep box board separate from newspapers and other household papers

Corrugated Cardboard

Red Check Mark Large boxes (used for moving or for large items)

Caution Sign Flatten & tie into bundles no larger than 30"x30"x8" and place beside your blue box

Newspapers, Magazines, & Household Paper

Red Check Mark Newspapers & fliers

Red Check Mark Magazines & catalogs

Red Check Mark Phone books & soft cover books

Red Check Mark Junk mail

Red Check Mark Office paper & envelopes

Caution Symbol Place in a paper or plastic bag on or beside your blue box.  Do not include manilla envelopes or envelopes with windows

Bubble text that says Containers go in the box


Red Check Mark Plastic #1 - #7

Empty Aerosol & Paint Cans

Red Check Mark Containers must be empty

Caution Sign Remove paint can lids and let air dry before placing in a blue box (with lids off)

Aluminum Trays & Foil

Red Check Mark Aluminum pie plates & aluminum trays

Red Check Mark Aluminum foil (clean)

Caution Sign Crush into one tight bundle & place in your blue box

Metal Cans

Red Check Mark Metal food & beverage cans

Caution Sign Rinse quickly - no need to remove labels

Caution Sign Place lids inside a can & pinch closed

Gable Tops and Tetra Paks

Red Check Mark Including milk, juice cartons, drinking boxes and spiral wound containers

Glass Bottles & Jars

Red Check Mark Food & beverage bottles and jars

Caution Sign Remove lids and recycle with cans

Caution Sign Rinse quickly - no need to remove labels

All containers need to be clean and empty.

**We cannot recycle Styrofoam or non-container glass**


When:   Twice a year.  Dates are posted on the homepage of the Township website under 'News', in the Montague Messenger March and August issues, and on the digital sign at the Municipal Office.  Also, an ad is placed in the local EMC newspaper.

Where:  Township of Montague Municipal Yard

Time:     8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Acceptable Items:  white metals, furniture, scrap metal, air conditioners etc... Fridges, freezers and air conditioners must have a tag indicating freon has been emptied.
Fridges, freezers, air conditioners WITH FREON - a $50.00 cash charge.

Please note:  trash tags or equivalent monetary value is required for the above items as per By-law 2258-95. 

During Large Item Drop-off Day ONLY, residents are able to bring brush, less than 2 inches in diameter, to the Township complex to be chipped.

Real Deal Store accepts and sells quality reusable household goods, furniture and building materials.  Also, they now collect e-waste at their store. For more information call 613-283-7999 or

Household Hazardous Waste Depot

The Township partners with other municipalities in Lanark County for a Household Hazardous Waste Depot.  Household hazardous waste includes: paint, batteries, oil, cleaners, aerosol cans, anti-freeze, etc.  There is also a paint exchange at the depot.  In addition, the depot is now accepting fluorescent tubes (4ft max.) and CFLs.  The Depot is in Carleton Place and is open Saturdays from June-August, 8 am to noon. 
Directions:  At the intersection of Hwy 15 and Hwy 7, turn right (going east on Hwy 7).  Turn left at the first set of lights - McNeely Avenue (Tim Horton's is on the left).  Turn left onto Patterson Crescent and follow the signs from there.

Other Resources:

For more information about where to bring items (ex. furniture, clothing, HHW, books, eyeglasses, etc.) for recycling or disposal, click on the following links and follow the prompts: