Recreation & Culture

Montague is a close-knit rural community with recreational activities and a culture that reflects the Township's rural roots. Annual activities include BBQs, picnics, plowing matches and pancake breakfasts.

There is also an active senior's club and various community groups who host events and fundraisers for community causes.  For the latest news from the senior's club, click here to view their monthly newsletter.

Library Services

Since there is no library located within the Township, Montague has signed agreements with both the Smiths Falls Public Library and the Merrickville Public Library to allow Montague residents to take advantage of the services offered by those libraries.  For more information about the hours of operation and the various services offered by the libraries, visit the Smiths Falls Public Library website or the Merrickville Public Library website.

Centennial (Rosedale) Hall

The Centennial Hall is owned by Township and is available to be rented by members of the public for weddings, dances, family reunions, etc.  Thanks to grants from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Hall has received many new updates such as new tables, equipment in the kitchen, an audio-video system and acoustic panels. For more information about the hall and rental information, click here.

Montague's History

When Montague was surveyed in the 1790's, it was intended to accommodate Loyalist and post-Loyalist settlers, to continue settlement started in the 1780's by the first Caucasian settler on the Rideau, Roger Stevens.  To read more, click here or stop by the Township office and pick up a copy of Montague: A Social History of an Irish Ontario Township for only $25.00 + HST.