Montague Neighbourhood Watch

Lanark County Neighbourhood Watch Program

“The purpose of this site is to make people aware of incidents that are occurring in their neighbourhoods.  The majority of incidents are still released through media outlets such as newspapers and radio however more minor incidents that would not normally be released to the media are included here as well.  For example, a suspicious car simply observed on roadway would not warrant a media release; however residents residing in and around that area may have more information regarding the incident or simply wish to be made aware of it.  Only occurrences pertaining to Neighbourhood Watch, such as break and enters, property damage, thefts and suspicious persons/vehicles are posted in these updates.

Occurrences involving family/neighbour disputes will NOT be included.  In addition no names, exact addresses or license plates will be included.

Persons reading these updates are encouraged to contact their local police department if they have any information regarding the incidents detailed within.  Any new incidents should be reported through the proper channels utilizing 911 if it is an emergency or 1-888-310-1122 (OPP 24-hr toll free number) if it is a non-emergency."

Phone Numbers for Reference:
9-1-1 for an emergency

1-888-310-1122 - OPP 24-hour toll-free

1-800-222-TIPS (8477) - Crimestoppers

1-800-268-4686 - MTO road information

4-1-1 - directory assistance

1-866-514-2327 - MNR bear reporting centre, trouble with nuisance bears)

Community Services Officer

Lanark County O.P.P